Why Should You Be Mindful of Your Choices?

One mom came to me and said the biggest thing that changed when she became a mom was the amount of decision making she had to do since becoming pregnant. From the kind of diapers you choose, to the diaper cream, to the type of car seat, and then food - there are so many decisions you have to make! It's exhausting!

So, let's start with the basics. Getting their food figured out through expert advice based on the research and what works.

Start them out right with foods that are going to boost their immune system, build up a great digestive system and give them the energy they need to grow as fast as they do!


Let Go of the Mommy Guilt

What we are doing impacts them and their health. But I don't want you to feel the Mommy Guilt! Let that go. It's all about doing the best we can in the moment and our best changes every day. 

Making small decisions one at a time will help you to feel confident about what you are doing. 

It's exhausting listening to so many opinions of what we "should" be doing. This program supports you in your own decision-making and helps guide you step-by-step through the process. 

All that mommy-stress impacts your little one too. So, take a deep breath and let's do this together. 

Here's What Others Are Saying...

"Dr. Whitney runs The Super Baby Programs at my baby shop and through our partnership, Whitney offers quality programs that provide a wealth of current and evidence-based information that help build confident parents and healthy children" 

Allison Allin

Owner of Serenity BIrth Studio. Barrie, Ontario

"Whitney was very suppotive, thorough and knows her stuff! We have implemented some changes with diet and supplements and have seen great results. We will continue to go to Whitney for help in the future!"

Cara Myre

Certified Sleep Consultant 

"Dr. Whitney gave me excellent information and reassurance regarding introducing foods to my son, especially with regards to common allergens. Knowing the best way to prevent allergies and sensitivities makes me feel more confident that I'm feeding my baby the right foods at the right times. Connor is loving exploring new flavours and textures." 

Laura Skjelmose-Betts

BSc, Wellness Advocate and doTerra Consultant

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The Super Baby Program

  • BABY BOOSTING FOODS - A go-to guide with the critical foods that will boost your baby's immune system and the ones that will break it down. 
  • CONFIDENCE & PEACE OF MIND - in what you are doing in setting them up for healthy eating.
  • BABY FOOD BASICS - From Milk to Meals in 3 Easy Steps. What to feed them, what order and how to do it properly. You'll also get bonus menus and meal plans and a full step by step list of foods your baby can eat in their first year of solids.
  • Full templates and tracking sheets as you introduce foods
  • THE PEANUT PLAN - The 5 steps to take to avoid your child developing a peanut allergy. I WISH I KNEW THESE before my first child was born!
  • IRON INFO - Does my baby need iron? What are the best sources? Should I be supplementing?
  • POOP PATROL - The steps to take if your baby gets constipated after introducing solids (AND MANY OF THEM DO!)
  • THE 5 D'S OF ALLERGIES - What the science says about developing food allergies and what you can do now to prevent them.
  • BONUS! Baby-friendly recipes for when they are ready for more than just bananas and applesauce.
  • BONUS! - CRUSH CRADLE CAP - The 5 Steps to beautiful baby heads. 

Get ready to build your Super Baby...

The moms I've worked with have been really happy with all the information.
I honestly think you'll find a ton of great value in The Super Baby Program. Get access now and see it for yourself within 30 DAYS. 

I look forward to personally guide you through The Super Baby Program over the next 30 days.

Thanks so much,

Dr. Whitney Young ND, Super Baby Mentor